Shay-la luxdoll


Well loved by her people, her honesty, fairness and generosity are legend.

Many travel from far away lands to sit at her feet and hear counsel.

The natural world speaks to her, sometimes too often.

She converses with the wind, the waves and the souls of trees....

They seem to know everything and she is their messenger. Some believe she

has powers, but Shay-La knows it is only a case of asking with respect

and being still enough to listen. Nature will help her find what knowledge she seeks.

She treats the natural world as she does her closest friends, with reverence,

dignity and love, and it responds in kind. In fact this is how she treats all she encounters.

Her most relished time is the quiet of the night, when other chatter is stilled, with her

old friend the moon. This is her wisest counselor and the most wry. All of her

deepest understanding comes from these night visits with Moon, and joy too,

the moon does have a sense of humor!

About the doll...

Shay-La is a one of a kind pose-able doll. She lies somewhere between sculpture and fashion doll.

She stands 6.5 inches. She is an original sculpt made entirely by me. She is on my

Generation 2 LuxDoll body. Each of her body parts was first carved of wax,

painstakingly molded and finally pressure cast by me in custom tinted resin.

Shay-La was then seam sanded and strung with elastic also by me.

Her hands and feet are wire hooked. Her legs are wired for greater stability.

Shay-La was then painted in artist quality paints and pigments and sealed

with matte spray varnish, except her eyes and lips which are gloss sealed.

I then dressed her in an outfit made just for her. She wears a white raw silk robe.

This long wide sleeved silk robe has deep reddish brown faux fur edging.

Her back tie belt keeps it closed. This waist tie belt features a hand beaded

square “medallion” of sterling silver, mauve Delica and other beads all sewn to a

felt backing and a silk/metallic ribbon that ties in the back.

Shay-La’s hair is a custom made hard cap wig (permanently attached) made

from the best quality hand dyed mohair (this stuff is amazing from MohairHouse),

Katsilk hair hand braided, sterling silver wire and various beads.

Lastly, Shay-La wears hand made ribbon slippers, with sterling silver bead detail and leather and hair soles.

She rests on a stand made for her. It has a substantial oak base covered with natural

moss that has been completely gloss varnished.

SHAY-LA IS STILL AVAILABLE! Please contact me for more information about adding her to your collection.


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